One Mind Business Academy


‘One Mind’ – one mind, one vision, one hope.

Our mission is eradicate human suffering in one generation (3 score years and 10)

Welcome to the ‘One Mind’ Business Academy.

This is an online membership community dedicated to helping people nurture their 3 Principles based business through conversations, insights and actions.

Outlined below are the 3 types of membership that are currently available:

Level 1 Membership

$39 p/month

  • Membership of the online community

  • Access to members only resources

  • Access to live interviews with experts in the field.

  • Access to weekly Q & A Insight calls (your questions about YOUR business answered by one of our mentoring team)

  • A place on an accountability team (to help you get things done).

Level 2 Membership

$99 p/month

as level 1 membership


  • Monthly 1 to 1 coaching call with one of our mentors

  • Opportunity to chair an accountability group

Level 3 Membership

$149 p/month

as levels 1 & 2 membership


  • laser call with one of our Faculty members.

  • Option to apply to become a One Mind Business Academy mentor and coach level 2 members.

The ‘Incubator’

As well as our 3 levels of membership, we will also be running specific, shorter training/ mentoring groups under the title ‘The Incubator’.

Each ‘Incubator’ session will have limited space and run from between 6 – 10 weeks with a guest specialist facilitator. Prices will vary and further details will be available soon.

Places in the ‘Incubator’ are open to ALL members (levels 1, 2 & 3).

The membership community is designed to offer a broad spectrum of involvement for its members.

Some will want to listen, others are ready for more active participation and there are people ready to lead and support others within the community.

Our aim is for you to get the results you want, and so participation is key.

We are dedicated to supporting your growth, from the Inside Out!

Our temporary home is the Facebook group, ‘One Mind Business Academy’ – we will be moving to a new purpose designed membership forum in due course.

Online sessions will be held on Google Hangout and Zoom.

Membership levels
Level 1 $39.00 USD
Level 2 $39.00 USD
Level 3 $39.00 USD

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